Developing young minds in an Islamic Environment

Marlboro Islamic 

Developing Young Minds in an 
Islamic Environment


At Marlboro Islamic Preschool, we provide a safe, nurturing and happy environment, where children are able to explore and find themselves as individuals.

Our learners are encouraged to think creatively and solve problems. We promote learning through play and prepare children for the more  formal environment of primary school.

Our diverse curriculum incorporates the CAPS and Montessori methods of teaching and learning, as well as tailor made to suit the needs of different age-groups.

Our activities are chosen specifically to stimulate and provide for the development of curiosity, imagination and concentration.

With the safety and security of your child being our primary concern, our premises are secured with CCTV cameras and 24 hour security patrolling the premises.

Being an Islamic preschool, we endeavor to implement Islamic ethos and values to our learners. That being said, we enthusiastically welcome your little one to our school!

Offering you outstanding early years education!

We teach children to facilitate their exploration through academic, play and creativity

We inspire your child to achieve confidence, independence and self esteem!

From Ages 3 - 6

Subjects offered

Life-skills, Literacy, Mathematics & Science,

Independent & Self help skills, play & social learning, creativity, extra mural activities, 

Islamic studies and much more.

Small classes with individual attention

Conveniently situated in Marlboro Gardens

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011 444 4265 / 082 421 2179